Kendall County Fair focuses on the kids

By Steve Lord, August 2, 2013 5:40PM

YORKVILLE — There’s something about the Kendall County Fair.

The Sandwich fair is bigger and longer. The Kane and DuPage county fairs have the big-name entertainment.

But there’s something about the Kendall County fair. It’s more laid back, it’s more relaxed …

“It’s more about the kids, I think,” said a woman standing near the entrance to the fair Friday. “I really see this one as all about the 4-H kids.”

The kids and their animals do, indeed, take center stage at the Kendall County Fair, where most of the pavilions are dedicated to students in 4-H from throughout the county who raise animals to show, display and sometimes sell at auction.

One of those youths this year is Kendall Heitz, of Plano, who at age 9 is in her first year of 4-H. She spent Friday taking care of her purebred Angus Heifer calf, Bella, which she was planning to show at Saturday morning’s beef show, but not put up for auction.

“I walk her around the ring, to the front, stop her, make sure her legs are in a certain position,” Kendall said, describing what she’ll do in the show. “They look for health, muscle tone …”

After Sunday, Bella will go back to Rock Creek Farm in Plano where Kendall raised and took care of her, with a lot of help and advice from her uncle, Mike Brummel, Rock Creek Farm owner.

But when Bella goes back, Kendall hopes she will be adorned with a blue ribbon. Is Kendall confident?

“Oh yeah,” she said, with a smile.

Similar feelings abounded with kids showing rabbits, swine, chickens and goats. There are 155 breeds of chickens, and the Kendall Fair includes Cornish Rock, Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, Ancona, White Leghorn and Buff. There are more than 100 breeds of goat, and at the fair it includes Oberhasli, Alpine, LaManch, Nubian, Saanen, Nigerian, Dwarf, Boer, Kiko, Pygmy, Angora and Cashmere.

Many 4-H kids also show off plants, flowers and agricultural crops they grow. And the Kendall County Farm Bureau takes the opportunity to point out that Kendall County farmers produce safe food for 51,877 people in a year.

The fair continues through Sunday with more animal shows, truck pulls, demolition derbies, entertainment and plenty of food at the fairgrounds, Route 71 and Highpoint Road, south of Yorkville.